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The Merrow Group Companies

Merrow PPE

Merrow PPE was created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic with the goal of aiding under prepared front line workers as well as empowering US based manufacturing through domestic PPE production. Merrow has applied its signature high quality manufacturing capabilities and designs to all products, ensuring equal protection for everyday Americans through the COVID crisis.


Merrow PPE represents the best iteration of the Merrow companies, combining the evolution of Merrow Sewing Machine Company, the design talent and production power of Merrow Manufacturing, the resources of TIGIR LLC, and the timely relevance of Merrow Medical.  With the flexibility and full support of all four companies Merrow PPE is here to help with whatever is necessary in order to provide COVID relief.

Merrow Sewing Machine Company

Merrow Sewing Machine Company leads the world in the innovation, manufacturing and sales of industrial sewing machines. In addition to being one of the most recognizable brands in textile equipment, Merrow is the oldest manufacturer of sewing machines still operating in the United States. Joseph M. Merrow began the family business in gunpowder, but in 1838 the  business, quickly pivoted into knitting and yarn production after an explosion resulted in the destruction of the facility.


As the US began to become more industrialized, Merrow embraced the spirit of this transformative age and innovation. Joseph Merrow was the driving force behind the company's development of new technology. In 1868, he created the first Merrow Crochet Machine, and in subsequent years, he developed an expanded line of industrial overlock sewing machines. In 1905, he took the company globally with multiple patents, manuals in various languages, and agents in 35 different countries. Joseph M. Merrow was witness to Merrow's rise in prominence and continued as president of the company until his death in 1947 at age 98. Throughout the 20th century, the company continued to be an industry leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of industrial sewing machines. By 1999, Merrow had expanded its agent network to more than 60 countries and had engineered successful sewing solutions for countless applications.


Today, Merrow is led by the eighth generation Merrow brothers Charlie and Owen. Merrow Sewing Machine Company currently manufactures and custom-builds more than 40 styles of industrial sewing machines. Every Merrow machine is cam-driven and meticulously constructed, utilizing the most exacting manufacturing and assembly standards in the industry. Merrow is constantly implementing design features that are incorporated in today's products while staying true to the original company tenets of Quality, Performance, and Durability.

Merrow Manufacturing

In 2017, a neighboring manufacturing company hit hard times, the Merrow brothers acquired the local Fall River company, saving more than a hundred jobs. Staying in line with their roots, the Merrow brothers expanded into apparel manufacturing to become the largest producer of soft goods on the east coast. The brothers set out to create more jobs in Fall River by implementing a sewing school with in what is now known as the Merrow Building. Today, Merrow has the largest immigrant workforce training program in the country. Comprised of a problem-solving team with the flexibility to tailor their skill set and turn amazing ideas into reality, Merrow Manufacturing houses a full complement of individuals who teach, design, spread fabric, cut and sew.


The Textile Innovation Group for Instrumentation & Research, or TIGIR LLC was founded in late 2018, with the purpose of bringing innovation into technical soft goods. TIGIR is a critical foundation to the development  new soft good products as well as the development of new technology to work with production of textiles. TIGIR is a resource of information combined with new inspiring thoughts. Through private and public investments like workforce training to help build the in-house sewing school, Merrow is working to create more skilled workers in the field and help restore an America that was founded on production. With ideas and infrastructure in place, TIGER is leading the way into the  future of clothing production.

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