Protest and stay safe. Everyone has a voice. Wear a mask, give a mask, protest without getting Covid-19 - change the world and hang around long enough to enjoy it. 


Made in Fall River, MA - the Protest is designed to fit snugly and comfortably. 


A 35 GSM Melt Blown fabric for superior filtration efficiency. It keeps you safe and keeps your friends safe. 

I Still Can't Breathe

  • The Statement Masks are Hand washable with warm water, making this mask perfect for reusing and sharing your voice.

  • Made in Fall River, MA - Statement Masks are designed to fit snugly and comfortably.

    The first layer of the mask is polypropylene fabric then the second layer is a nonwoven fabric, these are blended together to create the 35 GSM Melt Blown fabric.


Merrow PPE is part of the Merrow Group Companies, est. 1838. Owned and operated by the 8th generation of Merrow's, Merrow is the largest manufacturer of PPE in the USA


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