The Simple Mask Single in Navy is a great option for maintenance workers, pest control specialists, road work formen and anyone who needs the darker colored fabric while needing to have a breathable mask for work or everyday wear. With the 4 way stretch fabric it is easy to take off and on at whim, while keeping the wearer protected.

Simple Mask Navy

  • The Simple Mask is machine washable with warm water and dryable, making this mask perfect for reusing.

  • To squash the COVID-19 curve the CDC recommends that we stay at home and, when in public, wear a mask. The Simple Mask was made to support this simple plan. Made of 4-way stretch performance fabric, this simple design may be doubled for increased filtration efficiency while maintaining high breathability and allows for quick swapping of layers. Our face masks are made in the USA at Merrow Manufacturing, a Massachusetts based facility with strict quality control measures and a history of excellence. To stop the spread and return to a new normal, let's do our best to don a mask- The Simple Mask.


Merrow PPE is part of the Merrow Group Companies, est. 1838. Owned and operated by the 8th generation of Merrow's, Merrow is the largest manufacturer of PPE in the USA


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