Smoking is prohibitted for the duration of your Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Sessions. Smoking Decreases oxygen delivery to your tissues. When you smoke the nicotine from your cigarette causes the small arteries in the body to close or narrow. Thus the blood cannot get to the tissues that it needs to heal. If the blood cannot get there then the oxygen also cannot reach the tissues it needs to. Even after one cigarette these small blood vessels can stay closed for several hoursHyperbaric O2 Therapy is used to create new blood vessels forming in areas that have poor circulation therefore it is important to keep blood vessels open. In which case we will not be able to administer Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to you if you are smoking.


If you are diabetic you must let us know and tell us if you are insulin dependent or non-insulin dependent. Hyperbaric Oxygen treatment may drop your blood sugar levels. To have your treatment your blood glucose levels must be at a minimum of 10mmol/l. By changing your food protocols or medications we can help you control this. During the treatment we may given or askedto bring a juice to drink or a healthy snack. We will also need to take your blood glucose levels before and after treatment. You may be also asked to adjust your medication by decreasing your morning dose or waiting to take it until after you have concluded your hyperbaric sessions for the day.


There are some medications which you cannot take during HBOT. Please tell the Health Consultant All the medications you are taking. "As a general rule most drugs do not have any particular combined or synergistic effect with the compressed air or the increased oxygen partial pressure. Important exceptions exist. It is probably safe to assume that unless there are specific contraindications or precaustions regarding use of a particular substance or compound under pressure it is safe to go ahead and administer it." Intramuscular injections should Not be administered immediately before or after each HBOT session as the intense constriction under pressure results in practically no drug absorption. When the pressure is decreased at the end of the session vasodilation occurs and this would cause very sudden absorption. For this reason injections are best to be administered 2 hours prior to HBOT or 2 hours afterward.


If you have cold or flu then you may have blocked eustacian tubes which will prevent your ears from being able to equalise or the pressure in your sinuses may bring on an intense sinus headache. Please tell us if you are feeling this way as it may better to reschedule your appointments to a time when you are feeling better.


Our HYOX Hyperbaric Chamber is for one person only so if you are wanting to bring a carer with you they would have to remain in the waiting room for safety reasons. If there is an issue with this please call and tell us what it may be so that we can assist in any way we can.



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